At Summerseat Vodka, our vision is to create a premium vodka to honor our beautiful country, its’ history, and remind us to support and give back to the community. 

Our Vodka is made at Ashlynn Distillery in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The founding partners can be seen distilling and bottling their own spirits and perfecting each blend so that they deliver the best product.  

Distilled from Non-GMO, all local sourced and natural ingredients, Summerseat Vodka is extremely smooth and clean. The finish of our Vodka makes it perfect to sip on the rocks or in cocktails.


Summerseat Vodka is six times distilled, four times filtered, and made entirely from American resources. We are the first TRIPLE BLENDED vodka in the world!

Everything from the signature Summerseat glass bottle, wax top and the three ingredients – corn, rye, and beets – are sourced locally. Our ingredients are hand selected and inspected for the finest quality. We will never use artificial ingredients!

Our Master Distillers take the local sourced corn, mash it and distill it in to a corn vodka. Next we take local sourced rye and beet, cook, and distill it in to a rye and beet vodka. Then we BLEND! The blending process we use to make Summerseat Vodka is similar to that of a whiskey to give it a unique flavor.

After the blending, our Master Distillers filter Summerseat Vodka four times. We work continuously to test and perfect the blend, proof, and percent ABV. 

Hand crafted and distilled at Ashlynn Distillery in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, Summerseat Vodka is 40% ABV and 80 Proof.



Ashlynn Distillery is rooted in tradition, history, and community.

Their work is fueled by core values, social responsibility, and continuous learning.

Ashlynn Distillery is located in Morrisville, Pennsylvania – “the little town with a big heart” – and that truly reflects how they operate. It is a small community with big pride!

They are driven to craft the world’s best spirits, while strengthening their collective communities and outreach.

Ashlynn Distillery blends old world and new world techniques along with the best ingredients – all sourced locally – to create craft spirits that they pride ourselves on.

The three partners pitch in with their own unique skills to run a full scale distillery operation.


Take a look at these easy to make cocktails using Summerseat Vodka. Enjoy!